1.300 Schools to Use Zoom for Secure and Reliable Online, Hybrid, and Simulcast Courses

Zoom and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second-largest school district in North America, today announced plans to enter a formal agreement for Zoom to provide a safe, secure solution for students to continue learning, teachers to continue teaching, and employees to engage in webinars and other online collaborations.

The agreement will provide unlimited access to virtual classrooms for nearly 30,000 educators and more than 600,000 students in Los Angeles Unified schools. The platform enables a teacher to gauge the responses and reactions from as many as 49 students at a time, a function not currently available from any competing platform. “The goal of setting up the capability to provide online instruction for half-million students is to help them learn,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said.

“There is no substitute for learning in a school setting, but the investment in the digital future of all students will help make sure there’s opportunity to match the talent we know is in every classroom, whether at school or at home.” “We know that it has been a challenging time for educators to continue the learning process in an online environment,” said Mitch Tarica, Head of North America Sales for Zoom.

“We’re proud to be able to provide educators and staff the secure and frictionless tools necessary to keep students engaged.”

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Upgrade your Huddle Room with All in one collaboration tools

For small meeting rooms, Yealink have the brand new MeetingEye 400, which integrates a codec, camera, mics, and speaker. The 133° field of view, 20MP camera, and 1-inch Sony image sensor can help capture a clear picture, while the built-in 8-mic array and hi-fi speaker ensure a high-quality, 6m voice-pickup.

In addition, the MeetingEye 400 is equipped with an electric camera lens cap to protect the confidentiality of non-video meeting. Smart tracking is another feature of this series of product, and with addition of Yealink CTP20 as a fullHD touch screen control , increase your experience of annotate and whiteboarding in the meeting from your desk .

For more information and inquire contact sales@kayreach.com or WA ‭+62 812 11117907‬

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Collaboration & Integration SMART Command Center

SMART Command Center technology builds from integration of collaboration video system – audio system – video conferencing – automation system – scheduling meeting system.

A core component of the modern operation and command center are flexibility & ease to use. Quick and ease to power-up, powerful reporting management, automation control systems of lighting, blinds with a single touch operation. Easily switching sources to multiple display. Thanks to video wall processor technology. Meet face-to-face video conferencing on the fly to get decision with high quality of live video and resolution.

For more information about Solution Command Center please contact sales@kayreach.com

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