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3 Hardware Solutions to Upgrade the Online Learning Experience.

Here are three types of hardware solutions, all of which are already part of the physical classroom, that can upgrade the remote and virtual learning experience.

Cameras Webcams

can make a big difference compared with the standard built-in cameras on a laptop. A dedicated webcam provides some flexibility for presenters to stand up while being seen, and it’s definitely easier than trying to move your laptop. Additional features include higher resolution and low-light correction to help presenters shine in less-than-optimal lighting conditions.


Teaching is an interactive experience, and it’s important for students to hear the teacher and for the teacher to clearly hear their students. A good headset with noise cancellation and an advanced microphone should help do the trick

Whiteboarding solutions

Zoom natively provides teachers with annotation and whiteboard capabilities. If you prefer the traditional pen-to-paper experience, you can seamlessly annotate on top of an iPad with an Apple Pencil. It’s a nice alternative to using a mouse or trackpad.

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