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4 Major Signs You Need to Focus on Network Vulnerabilities

4 Major Signs You Need to Focus on Network Vulnerabilities

Network vulnerabilities can manifest in many forms. It's critical that you remain on the lookout for some of their most notable signs and work to address them sooner rather than later.

Once you've determined you need a vulnerability assessment, how do you go about it the right way? And, how can you be sure you're using the best possible tool? Here are some key things to look for:

Comprehensive coverage: You effectively hamstring an assessment if it examines some facets of your network meticulously, but doesn't showcase issues in others. The platform you use should allow for complete discovery, whether physical, virtual or cloud assets.

Accurate analysis: Some vulnerabilities will be more pressing than others, so establishing a hierarchy of which threats to address first is critical.

Ease of use: Using a solution that's accessible to non-experts can help facilitate better awareness of cybersecurity throughout the organization.

Reporting and analytics: Quantifying the state of your network's security through use of pertinent key performance indicators and detailed reporting of assessment findings is an absolute must.

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