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Avaya CU360 Video Conferencing System for Huddle Room + ZOOM

Whether in the office, on the go, or participating in group meetings, today's business communicators need full access to their favorite cloud applications. The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit is designed for the cloud, and uses unique Avaya next generation technology to deliver all that the cloud has to offer to any business space. It is an ideal stand-alone solution to enable individual workgroups or small to midsize businesses, and it can also be used as an integrated video endpoint to expand your existing collaboration infrastructure.


· SIP Android base system

· Sensor: 4kp30

· Video Resolution: 1080p30

· HDMI output, USB Recording

· Built-in Microphone array

· Bluetooth audio output

· Wireless presentation

· ZOOM License H323/SIP Connector

Zoom LICENSE for the Conference Room

Software-based, flawless video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing.

Support Avaya IX C360 Endpoint.

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