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Beyond the noise — 7 reasons it’s safe to run Zoom

Quoted from Rowan Trollope, 6 years at Cisco as SVP & GM of the collaboration business (including Webex), Now CEO of Five9.

As a public company CEO and as a cybersecurity expert, my personal opinion is Zoom is a safe bet for everyone.

I’ve summarized the top 7 facts about Zoom security that I found to back up this claim:

  1. Zoom has a highly secure Personal Meeting ID (aka PMI) solution.

  2. Zoom has an elegant approach to locking meetings from unwanted guests (so called “ZoomBombing”) called “waiting rooms”.

  3. Going further on Zoom bombing, Zoom recently made it even easier to discover the controls to manage this with a new easily accessible “Security” button in the meetings control bar (also on mobile).

  4. Encryption. There are two primary questions about encryption. First, what encryption is used. Zoom uses AES-256 ECB moving to GCM. Second, the question of E2E encryption.

  5. Zoom has an innovative way to prevent copying of shared content called virtual watermarks.

  6. Zoom has support for Virtual Backgrounds.

  7. Zoom has industry-leading capability for admins to control sharing options of participants, for example an Admin can prevent desktop sharing, and only allow app sharing.

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