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How To Protect Your Website from Hacking

You protect your every office computer with an antivirus. You install firewalls to prevent unwanted access to your network. But what do you do to protect your website? And what can happen if it’s not protected?

The most efficient way to check for possible vulnerabilities is to use a web security scanner. Such security tools:

Analyze the structure of your website very carefully to find every possible data entry point (in the case of Acunetix, it even works on very complex applications with lots of HTML5 and JavaScript)

Send special data to your website to see how the website code reacts to such data

If they find a vulnerability, they report it (in the case of Acunetix, including proof that the vulnerability is real and information on how to fix the error)

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Kayreach System supplies and provides service of Acunetix in Indonesia.

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