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How Zoom Has Been a ‘Real Game-Changer’ for National Australia Bank

Trent Harris, head of collaboration and unified communications for NAB, supports the bank’s messaging and conferencing platforms. Here are a few things Trent had to say about NAB’s digital transformation journey and the impact of Zoom and Zoom Rooms.

Zoom was ‘a no-brainer’

“The use of Zoom was really a no-brainer. It ticked our boxes, and it’s been quite an easy adoption, to be perfectly honest.”

The benefit of Zoom Rooms

“The benefit of Zoom is it’s really allowed us to maximize our existing investments. So, we have 500 [conference] rooms, and a lot of participation in our Zoom Meetings happens from those rooms still, and it’s a better experience now than it’s ever been.”

More technology trust

“Now we’re finding people are meeting a lot more but for a lot shorter periods of time, because it just works. So, people start to trust the technology.”

‘This is awesome’

“In the case of Zoom, we actually get active people coming up and saying, ‘Hey, this is awesome. This has really been a real game-changer for my business unit.’ ”

Watch the full video case study here: https://youtu.be/7X0wj5qmzxc

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