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Introduction to hyper-converged

IT is increasingly being asked to spend less time on infrastructure and more time (and budget) on application services that add business value. Despite a continuous stream of IT hardware and software enhancements, the infrastructure challenges faced by IT teams continue to rise. The IT infrastructure and virtualization software required to meet the needs of business is complex and expensive, and data center management has become painful.

Taking cues from web giants, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines common datacenter server hardware using locally attached storage devices (spinning disk or flash) with intelligent software to eliminate common pain points associated with legacy infrastructure.

hyper-converged delivers a comprehensive distributed infrastructure platform that bridges the wide gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud services. The solution delivers turnkey infrastructure that integrates servers, storage, and virtualization along with end-to-end systems management and operations management capabilities. This allows enterprises to deploy infrastructure in minutes and shift the focus to applications that power the business.

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