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Polycom Solutions For Zoom. Bring Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms And Zoom Phone In To The Conference Room

Choose a native Zoom Rooms experience from Polycom Trio or connect one of Polycom’s many Zoom-certified solutions for Zoom Meetings , Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone.

Best-in-Class Audio and Video Conferencing

• Polycom audio technology automatically reduces background noise and delivers advanced echo cancellation, keeping meetings on track and free from distractions

• Even more obtrusive noises are removed by NoiseBlock technology. Don’t let annoying keyboard clicks or rustling paperwork interrupt your meeting workflow

• Acoustic Fence technology captures sounds from inside the virtual fence while blocking out everything else, enabling crystal clear video collaboration in bullpens and other open workspaces.

• Auto-tracking camera follows the active speaker ensuring far-end participants can follow the conversation

• Auto-focus camera ensures everyone looks perfect in the room

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