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Quoted from Colin Bennett

Quoted from Colin Bennett, Head of Digital Distribution, Global | Strategist | Innovator | Author & Speaker | Intrapreneur | MBCS CITP

Almost overnight, through acquisition, #Zoom could turn from an excellent video communication platform with security concerns to the top platform with the best security in the market.

This type of product adaptation and commercial response is what you get if you have technically savvy leadership with the client at the centre of what you do. 👉 The ability to make fast and focused decisions 👉 The ability to adapt technical product at pace to maintain the growth momentum 👉 The ability to capture the digital advantage at the exact time it matters most Without the technical understanding a decision such as this in a traditional company would take too long to convince the board and the short term success measures would be too traditional and wrong. Bang goes the 300 million daily customer base you just acquired (and the opportunity that brings) as the competition dig in. “There are end-to-end encrypted communications platforms. There are communications platforms with easily deployable security. There are enterprise-scale communications platforms. We believe that no current platform offers all these. This is what Zoom plans to build,” said Eric S. Yuan (CEO, Zoom Video Communications)

Can your business technically pivot or adapt fast?

Complete article here : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/colinbennett_zoom-makes-first-ever-acquisition-in-quest-activity-6664792973613518848-MKNp

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