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Remediating misconfiguration risks in public clouds

Remediating misconfiguration risks in public clouds

Avoiding misconfiguration risks

Given that organisations are so concerned about misconfiguration risks, what steps can they take to avoid making them?

There are some basic principles which should be followed, such as ensuring that only authorized, qualified personnel can make network or security control changes, and following a clearly defined change process, with mandatory review and approval for each stage.

AlgoSec seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of cloud security controls, firewalls (including NGFWs deployed in cloud), routers, and load balancers, to deliver unified security policy management.

including CloudFlow, allows organizations to seamlessly manage security control layers across the hybrid network in three key areas:

Visibility across your hybrid network

You can obtain a full network map of your entire hybrid network security estate

and identify risks and correlate them to the assets they impact. You can also achieve instant visibility of cloud assets and security controls, pinpointing and troubleshooting application and network connectivity issues resulting from security policies.

Change management

You can securely migrate workloads from on-prem to public cloud and discover the power of CloudFlow’s central policy management, allowing you to orchestrate multiple similar security controls in a single policy.

Cloud-centric risk analysis and remediation

You can proactively detect misconfigurations to protect cloud assets including cloud instances, databases

and serverless functions and also easily identify risky security policy rules, the assets they expose and

whether they are in use.

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