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Sangfor HCI. The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution Simple. On –Demand Soulution for Continuou

HyperConvergence Solutions (HCI)

- Management Console Removing Silos

- Hardware Consolidating Legacy Appliances

- Click Deployment & Modification Simplifying the Time to Market of Application

- Stop Solution Cutting TCO Up to 80%

- Step to Enterprise Cloud Data Storage

Ultra Simplified Operation

1 integrated software stack.

Deploy infrastructure to support business in minutes.

"What You Draw is What You Get" topology.

Very limited manual operation is needed.

Reduced TCO & Pay as You Grow

Minimum 70% reduction in overall CapEx & Opex.

Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling & space.

Start with 1 commodity server & scale linearly according to your need without limits.

Shift your focus to business. IT could be a revenue generating department instead of a cost center.

High Performance

One single server to achieve 10Gbps virtual network throughput, read 60,000+ IOPS, write 17,000+ IOPS and storage capacity 20TB.

High stability and reliability ensured by vAD business clustering, HA (High Availability), distributed management platform, distrubuted virtual networking device, multi-coopies, back-up plans and ets.

Best NFV Functions

More flexible and scalable network & service provisioning.

Virtualized network functions can be easily moved to various locations in the network without having to install new equipment.

3D protection inside-out: Kernal built-in WAF to protect aSV from web threats; distributed firewall to protect east-west traffic and vNGAF to safeguard south-north traffic.

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