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Say Hello to Zoom Calendar Service

at Zoomtopia 2022, Zoom announced the next step in their platform evolution, the beta of new productivity tools: Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients and Zoom Mail and Calendar Services. These new products work together with the communication and collaboration offerings already available within Zoom Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Team Chat. Now, teams can move quickly and seamlessly from email to a video meeting, elevate a chat message to a phone call, collaborate on projects, and early next year, they can share out whiteboards, all without ever leaving the Zoom app.

At beta launch, Zoom Calendar Service will include: 

Zoom Calendar Client: The calendar experience in the Zoom app, which connects scheduling workflows from popular calendar services to Zoom Meetings, Phone, and Team Chat.

-Connect your existing third-party calendar services to the Zoom app

-Quickly see who has joined meetings right from the Zoom Calendar sidebar

-Schedule a Zoom Phone call or Zoom Meeting from Calendar

Zoom Calendar Service: Zoom-hosted calendar, allowing teams to schedule and follow up on meetings.

-Seamless integration within the Zoom app

-Appointment booking feature for invitees to select from available times

-A unified calendar experience for scheduling meetings, accessing recordings, and notes and attachments


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