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The Value of Video Communications in Education

Video communications allow educational institutions to expand their impact across geographies to reach more students and offer new learning opportunities from guest lecturers, to research among institutions, to reaching students off campus. Regardless of whether it is known as eLearning or distance learning, the use of video communications increases productivity, reduces training costs, allows access to subject matter experts (regardless of location), and offers students real-time, immediate access to classes and course materials.

The combination of multimedia and instructional design, coupled with practice activities and feedback, results in a learning environment that helps students retain course content. Learners want control of their time and eLearning gives them the opportunity to learn from anywhere at any time.

To remain competitive and increase revenue, educational institutions need to use video communications to reach existing and new students, provide access to outside experts, collaborate with other institutions, and virtually communicate with students, faculty and staff.

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