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This Zoom Hate is Silly

Quoted From Daniel Miessler, cybersecurity expert Zoom connected people in a way its competitors couldn't during a crisis, and that's the lens we must use when talking about its security

Lots of companies had competing products much earlier than them. Years earlier. Skype, Hangouts, Webex—they all had their shot. But Zoom comes in and makes something people actually want to use. And now that we’re in a crisis, it turns out that it’s the go-to option for people due to its user interface.

Turns out it also has vulnerabilities. Actually a lot of them. But if you’ve been in security a while you know that vulnerabilities aren’t absent just because they aren’t being talked about. If you looked at Hangouts, or WebEx, or any of these other options the same way we’re looking at Zoom, it’d likely be just as nasty.

Yet people are banning Zoom. Largely because of Zoom-bombing and other panic-inducing issues. Keep in mind: it’s only called Zoom-bombing because Zoom was the only product popular enough to get bombed. That’s like claiming Ford was the #1 manufacturer involved in vehicle deaths 2 years after the car was invented. Of course it was.

Complete article here : : https://danielmiessler.com/blog/this-zoom-hate-is-silly/

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