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Unified Digital Performance and Security Solution

Enhance your IT operations' with 100% visibility accross all your networks, context-rich insights and actionable analytics.

NetFlow/IPFIX Export

Get 100 % network traffic visibility. NetFlow/IPFIX exporters allow you to extract detailed, always true L2-L7 traffic information. Unlimited scalability supports large-volume traffic and multi-location environments.

Real-time User Experience Monitoring

Keep hold of the demanded user experience. Transaction tracking allows you to distinguish between application errors and latency issues caused by the network, application or database in multi-tier applications

Enriched Flow Data

Flowmon analyses packets and extracts the most useful information from L2, L3-L4 and L7 layers even within encapsulated traffic. Then it generates IPFIX records that are NetFlow enriched with additional data. This allows scaling network analytics across the entire IT environment while keeping the level of detail for troubleshooting and forensics.

Customised Dashboards

Understand network traffic structure, identify top talkers, bandwidth usage, latency issues. All in easily understandable charts and statistics. Use the off-the-shelf dashboard, create your own or shared group dashboards.

Real-time NetFlow/IPFIX Monitoring

Reduce downtime and fix performance issues by analysing network traffic metadata collected from your physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure.

Network and Server Latency Tracking

Identify performance bottlenecks across the entire IT infrastructure. Transparent monitoring technology delivers metrics about network and server delays, and also network transmission stability (jitter, retransmissions).

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Simplify the enforcement of security policies. Keep the desired level of protection with real-time encrypted traffic assessment in a non-intrusive and privacy preserving way.

Compatibility with Flow Data Standards

Leverage your existing infrastructure to generate NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow or NetStream from network devices and other data sources such as firewalls, virtualisation platforms and packet brokers.

SaaS Performance Monitoring

Identify poor latency and to track the root cause of unavailability using Server and Network response time, Jitter and other metrics. The solution is deployed in the customer's network in a matter of minutes with no need to install agents or testing scripts.

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