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Zoom Rooms Digital Signage

Did you know that when you purchase any Zoom Rooms license, you get unlimited Digital Signage capabilities included at no additional cost? Zoom Rooms Digital Signage is a great way to share important announcements and other information in the form of images, videos, and URLs across any display around your office.

Informed, engaged employees are the happiest employees, and organizations seemingly cannot provide enough informative content for employees. Digital Signage significantly simplifies the process without hammering email inboxes or messaging channels. Some common ways our customers like to use Digital Signage include:

•HR announcing hiring updates, team restructurings, or important open enrollment dates •Sales teams stimulating some friendly competition by posting monthly leaders in pipeline or lead-generation metrics

•Workplace displaying daily lunch menus, holiday office hours, and building closures

And the best part: You can easily manage and remotely control the content displayed across your building’s screens right from the Zoom Admin Portal.

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