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Zoom's Security Pile-on Caused a Lawsuit - Are Microsoft, Cisco and Others Next?

With pending litigation and mounting public scrutiny, Zoom’s issues benefit its competitors, but it wouldn't be prudent to overlook the vulnerabilities within these competitors’ platforms. They are not immune to the same problems. 

Both Cisco and Microsoft have faced their own security issues in the past. Just last year, Microsoft uncovered a vulnerability (https://www.securitynewspaper.com/2019/07/02/vulnerability-in-microsoft-teams-could-allow-hacker-to-gain-complete-control-of-your-infrastructure/)  in Teams that could be a vehicle for malware. The flaw disguised the malicious files as a program update, and any user that accepted that update prompt fell prey. One user recounted (https://medium.com/@karthiksoft007/how-i-hacked-millions-of-cisco-webex-users-through-brute-force-7bed1ece13cb)  how they hacked WebEx a mere six months ago. There were also accounts of unauthorized users(https://threatpost.com/cisco-webex-flaw-lets-unauthenticated-users-join-private-online-meetings/152191/)  joining WebEx meetings, similar to the accounts we’ve seen about Zoom. These particular breaches, which flew under the radar, might have since been patched, but that does not mean that these services are now infallible. The ability to hack both of these platforms exists today, just in new forms. 

Complete article here : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/349653

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