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Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 Gold Edition [GoG] Download (Latest)




if i install git and git-email, can i do the same like in git? shizhao: no O you can install a git installation you can use it as is for sure i think git is not installed on this pc need to download again and install? yeah ok it's pretty nice thank you np shizhao: as EriC^^ mentioned, `apt-get` is the package manager for Ubuntu. git is just a git-hosted repo. @EriC^^, what is your meaning? shizhao: if you want to host your git repositories, you can use git-lfs which is a git extension, which allows you to "add" remote branches and commits to your repository @blackflow, do i have to install git to host? shizhao: no, you don't ok, thank you. I can download git and lfs and try? shizhao: though I've no idea what you're trying to do, since lfs is a completely unrelated thing dpkg -l git-lfs-git shizhao: yes, no problem with that. That's it :) ok, thanks. I want to try to host my git on this machine sorry, I am new to linux world shizhao: that's what git-lfs is for :) shizhao: which ubuntu version are you on? 16.04 ubuntu 16.04.1 shizhao: then you can just `apt




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Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 Gold Edition [GoG] Download (Latest)

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