A studio video conferencing room is an environment that is completely dedicated to Immersive video conferencing system. Immersive video conferencing room offer the best and most natural video conferencing meeting experiences because they are predictable in their meeting quality and free from distractions. 


Immersive Studio provides a specially designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio and content sharing

experience that is so real, you forget about the technology and focus only on the objective and content of your meeting.

Immersive video conferencing room are ideal for important meetings because person-to-person communication is viewed naturally and clearly, resulting in an overall seamless experience that is like all of the participants being in the same room.

Implementing a dedicated Immersive video conferencing room involves the following to produce the best quality audio and video for all meeting participants :

  • Acoustic treatment of the room

  • Optimized lighting

  • Appropriate room wall colors, fabrics, and carpet

  • Network design for quality of service and high availability.


The combination of these elements, also called room remediation, results in a room that provides the highest level of ease-of-use for participants.


We are able to provide you room remediation design of dimensions, lighting, power and

sound proof for any kind of Immersive video conferencing system included Cisco

TelePresence and Polycom.

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