We perfectly bridge together components subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together.



In today’s world it is difficult to be a master of multiple things.  This is why we believe that manufacturers do not perform well as a system integrator.  Similarly, I believe it is difficult for consultants, distributors or contractors to be effective system integrators; these types of firms have other skills and full fill other functions.

In other industry there are firms who have proven capable of wearing multiple hats but in general, focus is key to being at the top of the industry in whatever discipline or business you’re in.


Some constraints of small medium enterprise business to spend their IT budget; limited IT people, lack of knowledge of IT people, inexperience IT people, fresh graduate IT people, idealist IT people and all in one IT people. Those are general obstacle that business owner facing in their growing organisation.


Experience System Integrator knows how to combine parts  with the most cost efficient component to get the appropriate quality. By working together with business owner to define their business process will result the correct solution and cost effective..


Small medium enterprise organisation is usually focusing on how they can speeding up their business growing by keep focusing on customer request. It probably will create matter how its system is able to afford, the worst, unready organisation will deliver delay or even stuck on customers process. 


Designing a good systems that have future proof is mandatory to avoid business stuck. A good system should be well-balanced with a good infrastrucure that able to scale the business itself. 


We have the know-how that you need

Our Enterprise Integration Network covered

  • Hyperconverged Infrstructure

  • Infrastructure Software

  • Routing & Switching

  • Data Center (SAN Switch, Server, Power and Censor - Unified Computing)

  • Unified Communication

  • Video Conferencing

  • Call Control and IP Phone

  • Enterprise Wireless solution

  • Security

  • Storage System

  • Cabling

Enterprise Integration covered process from initial concepting through ongoing service and troubleshooting, we provide total lifecycle support for each system to maximise performance and return on investment.

  • Operational support services

  • Upgrades and modifications

  • System assessments

  • Field service

  • Maintenance

  • OnTimeParts

  • IN-24X7 technical support

  • Training

  • Design and build

  • Solutions development

  • Project management

  • Systems integration

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

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