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About Us

We build our business foundation with approach of customer relationship and consultation. Our focus solutions make us uniquely builds our strong differentiation and power to produce solutions that characteristics. One of our achievement is customer’s loyalties that place us as solution provider. We can’t achieve our success story without a strong teamwork and partners around us as a driving force pillars.

We began our business through video conferencing solution. We believe video collaboration and unified communication create strong relationship for people to have a new way of communication hence to increase competitive value in the market.

Now, we have extended our solution portfolio widely, we provide the most update trend technology in the market to let our customer experiences how technology can help their business and create more opportunities.

Our major solutions built by four basic of pillars Architectures. Every Architecture consist of various technology functionality specifically for that area. For customer satisfaction and guarantee, we only carry mature-future proven technology product to be part of our solutions. Every product has been tested and deeply learned by our vertical team.

smart city integration by kayreach system

The Pillars of Solution Architecture:

collaboration architecture
date center architecture
command center and public security
network security architecture

Our team is working closely with the most IT manufacturer companies as well as Distributor to get the most update technology product. We build our own lab for class learning and testing to get the detail best practice deployment of each product.


Our customers consist of mostly Enterprise and Public Sector. Critical customer such as Military and Government that required a dedicated treatment of speed, agility, flexibility and fast-response support.

Modern Building


Our Vision is to provide the latest trend up-to-date technology to be part of our customer's business process.


Our Mission is to keep learning and exploring new information technology in market to get the macro design direction of trend technology in the future and educate our customer to be broad minded and know how put the right solution for their obstacles.

Modern Building


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