About Kayreach 


Kayreach System Services is a Business Unit that independently stand up formed

to provide IT Network services. Kayreach Services is part of Kayreach System

company that focus on doing implementation and maintenance for Network,

Data Center, Video Conferencing, IP PBX and Security, Training and

Certification as well as Live event support.


We provide 24/7 onsite Engineer through maintenance contract or out

source engineer.


Our team is working closely with the most IT manafucturer companies as well as

Distributor to get the most update tech product. We built our own lab for class

learning and testing to get the detail best practice deployment of each



Our customers consist of mostly Enterprise and Public Sector. Critical customer

such as Military and Goverment required a dedicated treatment of speed,

agile, flexible and fast responses support. Kayreach Services formed to be had

a standardisation to server and provide critical requirement.


Kayreach Services established as an indepent business unit since 2011 and has

been supporting more than hundreds customers. Our Engineers and consultants

are trained to focus on solution, preventive maintenance, troubleshoot and


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Contact Us


Grand Slipi Tower, 35th Floor Unit B - C
Jl. Let. Jen. S. Parman Kav. 22 - 24
Slipi, Jakarta Barat 11480 Indonesia 
+62 21 29022360