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2020 Marked a Dramatic Shift in How We Work

For many industries, including healthcare, 2020 marked a dramatic shift in how we work, deliver services, and address customers’ needs. From overnight adoption of telehealth at the pandemic’s onset, to new use cases in patient education, training, and population health management, medical professionals are embracing video communications to reimagine healthcare with patients at the center. Even though we’re now beginning to see an end to the pandemic on the horizon, the transformation in healthcare is far from over. We at Zoom engaged and collaborated with Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to examine how this explosion in virtual care has impacted and will continue to affect the medical industry for the next decade. Read on for lessons learned during the pandemic and download the white paper for an in-depth look at the vast potential for virtual care going forward.

Lesson 1: Consumers will drive demand for virtual care

Lesson 2: Health organizations are looking beyond telehealth to broad-spectrum applications

Lesson 3: Video is critical in the shift to value-based care


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