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4 Tips for Virtual Sales Success

Sales professionals have always had to adopt new strategies and ways of selling to reach their customers effectively, an ability that has been put to the ultimate test during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not surprisingly, Salesforce reported video conferencing was the No. 1 most valuable sales tool in 2020, and many in the industry believe virtual sales is here to stay as a core tactic for sales professionals going forward.

“We will never return to ‘business as usual,’” said business coach Anna Frandsen. “While the pandemic has brought challenges, many businesses have shifted and thrived using virtual tools like Zoom for sales.”

Even when we can safely get together again, leveraging video conferencing will help you build trust, faith, and confidence by getting “in front” of your customers during the entire sales process. Set yourself up for virtual sales success with these tips:

1. Give yourself time to prepare

2. Look & sound your best

3. Make your meeting interactive

4. Adapt & address issues in real time


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