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5 Reasons This State Bank ‘Meets Happy’ with Zoom During COVID-19

With over 100 years of serving its customers, Happy State Bank has become an integral part of the communities it serves across Texas. The organization has received a number of awards recognizing its dedication to customer service and operational excellence, including awards for Best Bank to Work For and financial literacy training in children with Happy State Bank’s “Kid’s Bank” Program.

In our latest case study, Jeff Rademaekers, Happy State Bank’s Senior Vice President of IT, and Justin Wesbrooks, Happy State Bank’s Vice President of IT, shared some of the reasons why Happy State Bank chose Zoom as its video solution during these unprecedented times.

1. A dynamic solution for a challenging transition

2. Reliability for high-profile events

3. Effortless communication

4. Simplicity and ease of use

5. Face-to-face connection


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