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5 Reasons Zoom Phone Has Sold 4 Million Seats So Quickly

Zoom announced last month that they had surpassed 4 million Zoom Phone seats sold. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that speaks volumes about Zoom’s reliable cloud phone service. In fact, zoom sold more than 700,000 licenses in the last quarter alone, spanning global organizations in retail and financial services, healthcare, legal, technology, and more.

Going from zero to 4 million seats sold in 3.5 years is a testament to Zoom Phone’s ability to meet those customer requirements, gain trust in the broader Zoom platform, and help businesses to evolve to a modern cloud communications platform. Here’s why more and more global organizations are rapidly adopting Zoom Phone.

Given the growth of our product portfolio – including the addition of our omnichannel cloud contact center solution, an all-new digital whiteboard, and conversational intelligence software in 2022 alone – it’s our responsibility to simplify how you work with us and how Zoom works for you.

1. It enables the modern workforce.

2. It’s simple and reliable.

3. It works around the world.

4. It’s industry-agnostic.

5. It elevates the customer experience.


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