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7 types of malware

But first, what is malware?                    

Every software we use consists of instructions in the form of computer codes that dictate how computers behave or perform certain tasks. But not all software is designed to make our lives easier. Malware, a portmanteau of the words malicious and software, is specifically designed to help hackers gain access to, steal information from, or damage a computer.

Oftentimes, all this happens without the knowledge of the computer user themselves. Until it’s too late, that is. 

Malware is something that you do not want on your computer systems. So, the million-dollar question is, how can we ensure that they do not infiltrate our devices? The first step is always knowledge. To prevent something from happening, we must first understand why and how it happens beginning with an overview of the 7 most common types of malware.

Cybersecurity experts categorise malware based on how they attack computer systems and formulate countermeasures to defend against those attacks.

Malware #1: Virus

Malware #2: Worm

Malware #3: Trojan Horse

Malware #4: Rootkit

Malware #5: Spyware

Malware #6: Adware

Malware #7: Ransomware

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