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Are you feeling burned out from endless video meetings hunched over a laptop?

I was, until I got Neat Frame and everything, and I mean everything, changed! I’m Simon, and I used to be a freelance creative writer before joining Neat full-time as Marketing Communications Manager last May.

Here’s the thing: I’m not a designer, but I love products. Especially ones that look great and make my life a lot easier. So, I’ve been dying to get my hands on Neat Frame ever since the brilliant Neat R&D team began developing it.

As we all know, society has changed, and work will never be the same. Hybrid working and video tech are here to stay. Therefore, you must ask yourself, “Do I want to spend much of my working days peering into a laptop and seeing only second-rate images of myself, teammates and others staring back at me? Or do I want a video meeting experience aligned with the future ways of working?”

Aside from everything mentioned, Neat Frame has many other redeeming features that I could go on about for hours. But why not speak to one of our sales team and find out first-hand experience.


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