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Avoid ‘Zombie Meetings’ in Your Workspaces with Cisco Webex

Organizations strive to have intimate relationships with customers, prospects, and employees. To do this, technology leaders must find ways to share more information in more engaging ways. Cisco provides collaboration tools designed to create a broadly available experience to its users. Webex meetings software, including Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, used together with video devices, such as Webex Room Kits or Webex Boards, offers the opportunity for groups to meet, focusing on the content of the meeting, not the technology powering it.

Some examples of the improved experience using Webex meetings + devices together include:

- Using the Webex Meetings or Teams apps to effortlessly pair with, start or end a meeting, or wirelessly share content on a Webex device (such as Webex Board, Room Kits or DX80).1

- Using your Webex device to dial into a Webex Meetings or Teams call through a variety of ways: clicking the Webex button, clicking on a URL, entering personal meeting rooms, or having the meeting call your device.

- Transferring an ongoing Meetings or Teams call from a mobile device onto a room based Webex device mid-meeting or taking that meeting with you on your mobile device if you have to leave the meeting early.


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