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Avoid ‘Zombie Meetings’ in Your Workspaces with Zoom Rooms

It may sound like something out of a horror movie, but one problem affecting your conference room usage might be zombies. We aren’t referring to the undead monsters that hunger for brains — we’re talking about “zombie meetings.”

A zombie meeting, sometimes called a ghost meeting, is when a conference room is reserved in advance for a meeting, but nobody shows up to use it. This displays the conference room as unavailable (or dead) for others while it’s actually available (or alive), hence the term zombie meeting.

Today, more employees than ever have flexible work schedules and plans change at a moment’s notice. As many organizations move toward a hybrid work model, employees will be even more unpredictable than ever in where and how they meet. This means that organizations need to take a proactive role in ensuring their meeting spaces are used effectively.

Organizations can help mitigate the issue of zombie meetings by confirming that their conference room technology is intuitive and straightforward. For example, when cancelling a meeting in a Zoom Room, a user can simply go into their calendar application and cancel it, which will automatically delete the meeting from the Zoom Room scheduler and frees it up for others to use. Combined with the Crestron Occupancy Sensor, it can automate cancelling an events and also room booking / meeting once there is no person is coming up after a while.


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