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Belden - Emerging Cabling and Connectivity in Data Centers and Smart Buildings

In addition to all of these devices joining networks, new technology and applications are also driving the need for Category 6A cabling. These include:

1.Next-generation wireless, including Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax). It is set to alleviate the frustration associated with network overuse.

2.In-building cellular networks, which take the form of a distributed antenna system (DAS) or Wi-Fi system

3.Increased data sharing and transferring, along with the need to quickly transfer large files. Medical imaging, high-definition streaming video, high-end graphics and surveillance video are all good examples.

4.100W PoE, which takes advantage of all four pairs in a 4-pair cable, spreading current flow out among them.

5.AV over IP signal transmission, with technologies like HDBaseT, SDVoE, Dante AV, AVB (Audio Video Bridging) and others with large bandwidth requirements.

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