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Cybersecurity no longer ‘one size fits all’ in an IoT world

IoT is seeing widescale adoption but is also creating security risks for businesses due to vulnerabilities, according to a recent article published on Technology Magazine.

Today, 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, putting personal and confidential data at severe risk. IoT devices are believed to make up 30% of total devices on enterprise networks. SASE has proven to be able to strike the perfect balance between security and networking, explains Apurva Mehta, CTO and co-founder at Versa Networks.

“IoT devices are here to stay and they have proven to be extremely valuable to businesses, however, they must be secure,” Mehta concludes. “With SASE, IoT devices can maintain their performance to meet the needs of the business but also ensure that security is watertight.”

Kayreach System NSSA Business Unit (BU), which currently provides a SASE Security Solutions and its family products. We have been more than 15-years serving our customers with excellent after services. To find out more about SASE Security, please contact us!


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