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Do More with Iceboard Interactive Flat Panel

Conventional Whiteboards such as Blackboards or Whiteboards as we know them are only a matter of time because eventually they will slowly be abandoned. The interactive whiteboard (Interactive Flat Panel) is now starting to replace the role of the blackboard or whiteboard in the future for teaching and learning tools, whether used in classrooms or in meeting rooms.

An interactive, High-Performance Touchscreen IFP is the perfect solution for classrooms and meeting rooms and can be a seamless teaching tool with unlimited capabilities. With IFP, which is equipped with wireless screen sharing capabilities, it makes it easier for meeting participants or teachers and students to send materials for materials or presentations to the IFP screen.

Key features:

– 4K Resolution

– Write, Highlight, Annotate, Draw, Take Notes (up to 10 points touch)

– 2-way editing & control with ScreensharePro

– Note for Android

– Anti-glare tempered glass screen

– Wireless Presentation (compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mac)

– Airclass Voter Software

– Accurate touch & Smooth Writing Experience

– Screensharing max. 6 screen simultaneously

– Countdown, Timer, Spotlight


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