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Email encryption

Why encrypt email?

The unfortunate truth is that email encryption has never been more important. Theft of data—financial account information, personally identifiable information, health information, and other forms of sensitive data—fuels a multi-trillion-dollar worldwide cyber threat industry. 

Types of email encryption :

-Transport Layer Security (TLS)

-Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

-Secure Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME)

How does SecureAge SecureEmail protect email communications?

SecureAge SecureEmail uses S/MIME technology to provide end-to-end email security. It ensures authenticity and privacy without requiring any user training or changing the way you send and receive emails. 

Kayreach System NSSA Business Unit (BU), which currently provides a Data Encryption solution in SecureAge Solution and its family products. We have been more than 15-years serving our customers with excellent after services. To find out more about Data Encryption Solution, please contact us!


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