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Ensuring Safe User and Device Access to the Internet

With Versa’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) set of capabilities provided from Versa Cloud Gateways, customers can achieve a comprehensive security solution that includes URL filtering, classifications, reputation checks, risk assessment and management, compliance check and access control mechanisms. When used together with malware protection, next-generation firewall, Domain Name System (DNS) security, multi-factor authentication, and the rest of capabilities provided within Versa Secure Internet Access (VSIA), Versa provides most effective security capabilities to Enterprise users.

Versa SWG best suits today’s heterogenous, distributed networks. Versa SWG provides secure, direct internet access to users regardless of their location. By leveraging shared threat intelligence, Versa SWG enforces dynamic security remediation depending on the risk and context. Versa SWG serves users based Enterprise offices, homes, and while on travel using Versa Client app as well as app-less.

Versa SWG comes with a unified policy framework with one-touch deployment. This policy framework covers devices and applications independent of deployment and access, providing simple policy deployment, configuration, and management.

Kayreach System NSSA Business Unit (BU), which currently provides SD-WAN solution in SASE Security and its family products. We have been more than 15-years serving our customers with excellent after services. To find out more about SD-WAN please contact us!


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