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Extend Zero trust Network Access to both remote and on-promises users

Zero Trust is no longer applicable just for your remote users. We are thrilled to announce Versa Zero Trust Everywhere™, the industry's first solution that offers Zero Trust Network Access for both remote and on-premises users.

For remote workers, ZTNA has been widely embraced to secure remote access. For hybrid workers who split time between the home and office, the “unconditional access” approach of legacy Network Access Controls (NACs) creates security fault lines.

With Versa Zero Trust Everywhere, you can extend application, device and user-level security into the office with the same granular, least privilege access policies traditionally used for remote workers.

Unlike other cloud-delivered ZTNA solutions, Versa’s Zero Trust Everywhere™ solution provides an excellent user-to-application experience for both on-premises as well as remote users.

Kayreach System NSSA Business Unit (BU), which currently provides Versa Zero Trust Network Access in SASE Security and its family products. We have been more than 15-years serving our customers with excellent after services. To find out more about SASE Solution please contact us!


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