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Facts and Stats about Working from Home

No. 1 Reason to Work from Home is Avoiding Commute

Many people want to work from home because it gives them greater flexibility, they feel that they are more productive, they can save money, or they just want to avoid commuting.

82% of Telecommuters Have Lower Stress Levels

82% percent of those who work from home said in a study that their stress level lowered since living this kind of lifestyle.

Telecommuting Increases Productivity

Working from home proves to be more productive that working from an office. People who changed their lifestyle from working in an office to working from home demonstrate more productive results.

Over Half of Remote Employees Work More Than 40 Hours

You might think that working remotely means that you can work less if your boss is not watching you. But in reality, working from home seems to build trust and honesty if you look at this number.

Teleworkers Spend 1 Hour a Day on Social Media

You might think that people who work from home spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, etc. than the ones working from the office because what they do is less visible to others. In fact, telecommuters only spend 1 hour, on average, on social media channels even if they don’t have to hide their activity.


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