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Flexibility to Manage Your Network Your Way

Often, companies are forced to fit themselves into the features and capabilities of their infrastructure. Instead, you deserve a network and systems that let you manage your infrastructure in a way that fits with your processes and requirements. Growing a business is challenging enough without having to change how you work to fit your network.

Each person accessing your network has different needs. To protect your network and data, it’s important that every user have the correct permissions and access. If you limit someone’s access too much, they can’t do their job correctly; but if the wrong person has more privileges than they need, the network is at risk. By choosing a cloud network management solution that allows custom user roles, you give everyone the right level of access — not too much or too little.

With EnGenius Cloud, you can choose from two levels: administrators with full-access privileges, and viewers with read-only privileges. Sometimes an administrator may only need full privileges to a specific network, and not all the networks managed in the account. EnGenius Cloud lets you further define access by being able to grant each role permissions on either the organizational level or for a specific network.

Kayreach System is Authorized Partner in Indonesia.

Kayreach consultation of Engenius in Indonesia


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