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Horizontal Scale-out of Versa SD-WAN Appliance at DC/Hub Site

A Versa SD-WAN appliance at a Datacenter or a Hub site could run out of capacity because the network traffic volume has increased beyond the appliance limits or new services like advanced security were enabled in the VOSTM configuration which caused a reduction in the traffic handling capacity of the appliance. When this happens it becomes necessary to either replace the appliance with a higher end model or add a new appliance to horizontally scale out and distribute the traffic load. Replacing the appliance to a higher end model might not be possible in the short-term but there is a feasible alternative which is to horizontally scale-out by adding more SD-WAN appliances to distribute the traffic load.

Adding more appliances rather than replacing them ensures a higher return on investment (ROI) on the older appliances. When adding more SD-WAN appliances, it is recommended to keep the traffic flows symmetric which means that the forward and reverse direction of each flow should pass through the same SD-WAN appliance in the DC irrespective of whether the traffic flow as initiated by a client at a remote site or a server at the Datacenter. When applying security services, it is even required that the traffic flows remain symmetric for proper security inspection.

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