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How a Cloud Phone Solution Complements Your Communications Strategy

He world of work has changed. Work is no longer restricted to the office, and communication and collaboration can take place anywhere across a wide range of devices. Organizations need to provide communication solutions that enable this flexibility and that readily integrate with the rest of their workplace hardware and software.

Cloud phone solutions were designed to address these modern challenges. And for those who leverage cloud phone as part of a unified communications platform, there are numerous opportunities to streamline your workflows and get more done together.

Many enterprise organizations leverage a wide range of workplace applications to bolster productivity and coordinate their operations, including calendaring and messaging applications, customer relationship management software, and other SaaS solutions such as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace.

With the ability to set permissions at the user, group, and account level; add and remove users; and easily import new numbers, admins can streamline the management of their phone system. System admins can also access their management portal from any authorized device, meaning they can troubleshoot issues and manage their phone system online from anywhere instead of coming into the office.


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