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How to Develop a Cybersecurity-First Culture for Your Company

For most companies, cybersecurity remains a low priority but there are new and alarming reasons to put pressure on this view. Adopting a security-first culture in your workplace has become more than just good PR, but a valued necessity due to several factors.

Establishing a security-first culture within an organization begins at the top – where executive choices will sway how the company reacts to and organizes itself against a cybersecurity threat. To foster the development of safe practices there are a few steps that every organization can take:

-Raising Cybersecurity Awareness - While most employees might grumble at the thought of having to endure workshops or training exercises, it’s important to create awareness of the real threats that are out there.

-Creating Shared Responsibility - As mentioned before, a cyber-attack will likely enter your network through the careless actions of a single person. Your company is responsible for creating an atmosphere of shared responsibility and care for one another. 

-Investing in Better Cybersecurity Tools -  The use of active threat-hunting technology and advanced endpoint security will ensure that your organization remains guarded while consistently targeting suspicious files in the network.

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