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How to Set Up Everyday Data Analysts for Success

The success of a modern data platform also depends on the analysts using it. “In any large organization, you have a range of employees. Not all are data literate or even tech savvy, and not all may be ready for it,” says Boris Evelson, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.

Luckily, training lowers the barrier to entry. And once familiar, anyone can use these platforms, Huo explains.

Educating employees on the business value can also help. This starts with using accessible language rather than tech jargon. “We’ve invested millions of dollars in these modern data platforms,” Caserta says. “Now, we have to help people understand it so they want to use it.”

IT leaders should also encourage collaboration. In fact, the ideal scenario is that the “citizen data analyst should complement the expert data analyst,” Huo says.

The path forward has its challenges, but organizations can succeed with strong leadership. Experts like Huo believe it’s only a matter of time before modern data platforms catch on. “The technology is still immature, but in the next five years you’ll see more organizations using it,” he says.


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