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Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform by SANGFOR

Cyber Command NDR is an intelligent threat detection and response platform that significantly improves customer security detection and response capabilities. Why you need a network detection and response?

1. There are more than 500,000 new malware variants created daily, and while your existing security solutions may be able to block 99% of them, there are still thousands of new malware variants that can bypass your security devices and cause damage. NDR help you to detect the 1%

2. AI technology has been used by the hackers to weaponize with increased sophistication. Legacy security system has limited AI threat detection functions, meaning it takes AI to defeat AI.

3. NDR has the ability to monitor and analyze North/South trac, as well as East/West trac. It is the fastest and most ecient way to find threats in your cloud, data center, enterprise network, and IoT devices.


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