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It's nothing like you've never seen before, choose what camera is suit to you

Help your team express ideas more clearly and share ideas-1080P Ultra HD mode brings you a new experience. Wired and wireless sharing methods, high-resolution content presentation, so that any small inspiration you can easily share with everyone. The new audio and video enhancement technology makes users feel more like communicating in a room. The built-in noise suppression function can perfectly filter out the noise in the surrounding environment and make the communication more smooth.

Poly G200 also has the characteristics of customized design, friendly interface, compatibility and reliability. It can be fully compatible with existing Poly products and peripherals. You can make full use of existing resources to achieve remote and efficient communication.

Cost-effective, as an entry-level video terminal, the level of sound and image processing remains unchanged

1080p full HD, content sharing and collaboration, annotation function brings a new experience

Advanced PolycomNoiseBlock technology to minimize the environmental background noise that may affect the conference effect.

Packet loss detection and recovery technology, to ensure smooth audio and video when the network conditions are not good enough, without affecting the meeting


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