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Panopto integrates with video conferencing systems.

Universities around the world already support real-time video tools like Zoom, and others to facilitate important faculty-student interactions like live group discussions, virtual office hours, and online meetings. Unfortunately, much of the information exchanged in these sessions goes unrecorded, and thus is impossible to revisit.

To overcome this challenge, many institutions have begun recording their video conferences. For students who couldn’t attend the live class session, recordings make it possible to watch the discussion on-demand from any device. For those who were able to attend, recordings make it possible to review concepts and important ideas in perfect fidelity prior to exams.

Panopto includes pre-built integrations for popular video conferencing tools, providing you with the easiest way to manage, search, and securely share live class recordings. With Panopto, your video conferences are automatically uploaded securely to your central video library, shared with enrolled students through your LMS, and they can be searched for any word spoken or shown during the session. Faculty can even use Panopto to audit student viewing activity, add in slides and other content, and include quizzes — ensuring distance learners receive a first-class online learning experience.


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