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Polycom Solutions For Zoom Rooms : The Ultimate Zoom Room Meeting Experience

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

polycom solutions for zoom rooms

polycom huddle rooms and personal work spaces

solution by polycom for mid-sized rooms

large rooms solution polycom

Polycom offers conferencing solutions for Zoom Rooms of all sizes - from huddle room spaces to large conference rooms.

Poly Trio + Zoom Rooms include the gold standard for speakerphone technology with Poly Trio 8500 or 8800 at the center of every Zoom Rooms meeting. Poly Trio, certified by Zoom, delivers the clearest sound to every participant, in every location. And when you add Zoom Certified Poly EagleEye cameras, with high definition video transmission and digital sensors that capture incredible detail, you get the best-in-class group collaboration meeting experiences in every Zoom Rooms meeting.

Poly Studio brings premium performance to Zoom Rooms for huddle spaces everywhere. Poly Studio delivers business-class hd audio and video capabilities in an easy-to-use USB video bar. Designed to work in smaller rooms, it’s based on decades of technology expertise that you’d expect from more expensive enterprise video solutions.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at Kayreach System: A Certified Partner Zoom Indonesia


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