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Qbic Panel PC-TD-1060

Suitable for Occupancy Scheduling Display Manager, Digital Signage, POS, Interactive Platform.

Works in various settings

The TD-1060 Slim is versatile with the options of mounting the device on just about any surface. Additionally, with the option of a multi-angle counter-top stand, the TD-1060 Slim offers users the freedom of integrating the smart panel-PC to any scenario.

From Room booking, Concierge, Signage, HMI to central control system.

Programmable LED lights

The TD-1060 Slim is equipped with a vibrant programmable LED light bar. The true color spectrum lets you decide what colors to use and define your own status representation.

Stereo Speakers

Embedded with internal dual 2W stereo speakers making the TD-1060 Slim the perfect panel-pc for playing media's, broadcasting announcements or ambient music.

Discrete Cable Outlets

The TD-1060 Slim is designed for landscape or portrait installation with a well thought of cable management.

Mount to Glass

A damage free surface mount allows a clean installation on glass surfaces that leaves no scratches or damages to the mounting surface.

Rich I/O Ports

A rich array of under-exposed I/O ports allow a diverse range of connectivity.

Durable IPS Multi-touch Screen

Supports 10 point multi-touch with Active Shielding technology that ensures accurate contact even with wet fingers.

Safe & Secure

Armed with Qbic's hardened OS features, the TD-1060 Slim is free from malware, security breach and data leaks.

- Routine security patch updates.

- 802.1x protocol.

- Physical I/O lock feature.

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