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Reduce Cyber Risk, Prevent Breaches and Protect Customer Data

Cybersecurity is now an every-day issue for companies. Websites get hacked every day and some of those hacks are fatal to businesses attacked.

Based on there is an attack every 39 seconds on average on the web and the non-secure usernames and passwords that are being used give attackers more chance of success. An attack does not always mean something is hacked, these attacks are logged and monitored by our firewall system and the web application firewall on the website is to make sure the attacks won’t be successful.

According to statistics, web applications have become the #1 target for the exploitation of vulnerabilities and unfortunately, all kinds of software are prone to security breaches. The attacks that are usually targeted at websites or web applications are being implemented by using bots. This means usually that an automated tool has been told to search for a specific vulnerability or software that has a vulnerability.

This is most often happening with WordPress sites where hackers try to exploit vulnerabilities in popular plugins. This is where you need a firewall with virtual patches to be protected.


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