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Reimagining Developer Experience for the World of Serverless

Getting started: All the steps we have to take before putting in some keystrokes

Iteration: Does my code do what I expect it to do? What do I need to do to get it there?

Release: I’ve tested what I can -- time to hit the big red button!

Observe: Is anything broken? And how do I fix it?

With Workers, we want to get you to that aforementioned delightful feeling as quickly as possible, and remove every obstacle in the way of writing and deploying your code. The first deployment experience is really important — if you’ve done it once and haven’t given up along the way, you can do it again.

With Wrangler Dev has the look and feel of a local development environment: it runs on localhost but tunnels to the edge, and provides output directly to your favorite IDE of choice. Since wrangler dev now runs on the edge, it works on your machine and ours exactly the same!

With Wrangler, you can configure Workers to deploy using your existing CI, to automate deployments, and minimize human intervention.

With Workers Metrics an easy way for developers to identify trends in their production traffic. With requests metrics, you can easily spot any increases in errors, or drastic changes in traffic patterns after a given release

Kayreach System is Authorized Partner in Indonesia.

Kayreach supplies product and consultation of Cloudflare


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